Many governmental and private organizations in the Kingdom have shifted to the application of electronic transactions after the wise instructions of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and in the light of The National Plan for Information Technology. However, the shift should proceed cautiously because in the past stealing information required a lot of effort breaking into a building protected by comprehensive security, but now the process of stealing information has gotten much easier due to the wonders of modern technology and the new aspects of digital information that allows it to be copied by hackers rather than stolen completely. Neglecting information security results in massive financial and moral damages, and recent global numbers show Saudi Arabia in ninth place among most electronically attacked countries. The Center of Excellence in Information Assurance (CoEIA) located in King Saud University provides various information security services and studies that range from developing strategic security plans to spreading awareness and giving training to employees according to internationally recognized standards and expertise.


To be an internationally recognized center of excellence in information assurance and the first source of expertise in the field of information assurance in the Middle East.


To support and develop specialized scientific researchers in information assurance and to transfer knowledge and provide consultation.


  •  Encouraging and support researchers to assess and solve information assurance problems.
  •  Attracting talents to develop innovative products in information assurance. 
  •  Transferring the knowledge of information assurance.
  •  Encouraging the embedding of information assurance in research and education in Saudi Arabia
  •  Providing professional services in information assurance.
  •  Enhancing cooperation between different departments in King Saud University in the field of information assurance.
  •  Developing facilities and services for academic and institutional researchers.
  •  Enhancing collaboration and personal exchange between the center and organizations locally and internationally.

Strength Points

  •  Internationally recognized experienced consultants and specialists.
  •  Always up to date with the latest information security trends.
  •  Knowledge transfer and technology implantation.
  •  Special relations with international expert institutes.
  •  Regarding local behavior, content, and laws which are additional privileges over foreign companies.
  •  Investment in the Saudi staff through supporting and qualifying them.