GRC Frameworks Implementations & Audits

GRC Frameworks Implementations & Audits GRC Stands for Governance, Risk Management & Compliance and this is a system used by many organizations to meet their statutory, regulatory & organizational requirements . This Keynote will be focusing about the complete life-cycle of GRC , enabling participants to learn that it is indispensable for organization to perform steadily and serve smoothly through implementation of standards/ frameworks by managing all associated risk amicably as per level of risk associated with each of the asset. Furthermore, this session shall cover the following topics as well. • Understanding of better Risk Management & Controls implementation • Automation of GRC activities and its benefits • Provision of internal and external transparency • Clear and defined policies and procedures for related processes of organizations • Reduction in risk across the whole organization including cybersecurity risks, operational risks and business risk

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Toqeer Ahmed

Mr. Toqeer Ahmed is Leading Cybersecurity & GRC team at the Center of Excellence in Information Assurance ( CoEIA) . Mr. Ahmed is a senior cybersecurity professional & advisor, entrepreneur & mentor having a diverse experience of over 20 years across multinational companies, financial institutes & public sector organizations. Mr. Ahmed is responsible for leading the cybersecurity consultancy projects on behalf of the Center and holds and excellent track record of successfully delivering number of projects for many valued clients of public and private sectors.