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To KSU and Other Saudi Universities

  1. Enhancing research in information assurance.
  2. Enhancing the graduate studies in KSU.
  3. Encouraging students to focus on information assurance.
  4. Filling the gap between academia and industry.
  5. Supporting the learning capabilities by having hands-on labs.
  6. Exposing the students to top quality expertise in information assurance.
  7. Providing an environment for multi-disciplinary graduate program.


To the Society

  1. Increasing the awareness among the society.
  2. Providing information assurance guidelines for protecting computers.
  3. Providing trustworthy source of knowledge regarding information assurance.
  4. Supporting organizations in securing their systems.
  5. Improving the information assurance bylaws.
  6. Improving the national security.
  7. Encouraging talents and innovations.
  8. Solving national problems.
  9. Supporting collaboration and communication among information assurance professionals.
  10. Promoting information assurance professionalism.
  11. Encouraging the applied research in information assurance.


Potential benefited organizations  

  1. Saudi Universities.
  2. King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.
  3. Government agencies in general.
  4. Ministry of Interior.
  5. Ministry of Defense.
  6. Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.
  7. Ministry of Hajj.
  8. Communication and Information Technology Commission.
  9. IT companies.
  10. Industry Cities.
  11. Techno parks
  12. Incubators