Administrating Security Projects

Security needs differ from one organization to another, so CoEIA lends a hand to administer and supervise any security projects planned for or implemented by any organization in order to meet the desired objectives.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a process of actively evaluating the technical measures of the information security. The information systems and applications are tested to find any security issues, as opposed to a solely theoretical or paper-based audit. The results of the assessment are then documented in a report, which is presented in a management meeting where questions can be answered and corrective strategies can be discussed to identify the issues and give the solutions. There are two kinds of penetration testing:

  • Black Box Test.
  • White Box Test.

Digital Forensics

A computer can be exploited to launch attacks, steal information, sabotage resources, or many other crimes and misconducts. Electronic crime is growing dramatically and its outcomes can be compared to all other traditional and nontraditional crimes. CoEIA helps to trace and discover these acts using up-to-date technologies. CoEIA also can help establish forensics labs internally at any organization.

In addition to all that, CoEIA can provide a number of technical services, and some of these services are:

  • Active Directory and Domain Control Security.
  • Infrastructure Services Security.
  • Account Security and Control