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    The First Arab source of knowledge and awareness, research and consultancy in information security
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    Developing Information Security Policies and Procedures
    Implementation of ISO27001
    Administrating Security Projects
    Penetration Testing
    Infrastructure Services Security
    Security Awareness
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    Equipped with tools and practical training lab
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Who We Are

Center of Excellence for information security at King Saud University is a non-profit centers, which aims to develop and provide security solutions Innovative raise the level of information security in the public and private sectors with a both within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia In particular, and the Arab region in general, and providing advisory services to secure computer networks and information systems ,And the application of international standards and the development of training and educational curricula specializing in the field of information security and appropriate to the needs of institutions ,And organizations in various areas of work. It is featuring embracing the center of a number of elite researchers and consultants who specialize in security Information and obtaining the highest academic and specialized certificates from prestigious international universities and institutes, as well as Cooperation with a large number of institutes and research centers and training world-renowned in the field of information security, as well as the short position All sectors of the beneficiary and the target of its services. This initiative is an effort from the center to achieve one of its strategic objectives The provision of qualified staff in the relevant areas after a national.

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Our Services

Consulting Services

Cover all the needs of organizations of the administrative and technical side and the rehabilitation staff

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Training trainings specialized in the field of information security

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Awareness campaign for information security

Center seeks through which to promote and spread the culture of information security awareness in various goverment and private sectors.

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