Security Awareness Campaign

CoEIA always aims to develop the best security awareness campaigns and programs in order to increase the employees' knowledge and efficiency. RAWAM-- is the name of CoEIA's latest products, which is considered as a derived project from The National Information Assurance License.

RAWAM-- is a self-learning awareness video that contains a great deal of information security related topics and materials. At the end of the programs, the employee can take a brief test to benefit from the information that he just saw.

The program combines between:

  • Electronic Learning: here, the only things that the employee needs are a computer and a browsing software (IE or Firefox).
  •  Information Security Topics: there are a number of highly famous and important topics, which the employee needs to be familiar with to give his best performance.

RAWAM-- Advantages:

  1.  Supports Arabic and English.
  2.  Easy to use.
  3.  Rich material in just 24 minutes.
  4.  Gain knowledge without doing any hard research.
  5.  Cost effective.
  6.  Preserving the daily work time.
  7.  An electronic quiz at the end of the program.