Web Hacking - Attacks & Defense

Web hacking - Attacks & Defense discusses the Application security topics such as SQLI, XSS , Command injection , CSRF, LFI, Oauth2.0 ,etc .. It focuses on both Attacks and defense in depth of Web application security. This talk is for both pen-testers (who wants to learn different attacks techniques & bypasses for web applications) and Software Developers (who wants to learn defense in depth techniques to secure the web applications).

About Lecturer

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Mohd Haji

Mr. Mohd Haji is a bug hunter and currently working as an information security specialist at Center of Excellence in Information Assurance (CoEIA), King Saud University, Riyadh. He is ranked as a top 100 bug hunter in Bugcrowd globally . He is also ranked as No.1 Whitehat hacker in Facebook (2015, 2016 & 2017) from Hyderabad, India, Listed 2 times as top 10 Paypal bug hunter in the world. Moreover, Mr. Mohd secured more than 100 websites through bug bounty programs which include Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Paypal, etc.